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Network Security

Is Guest WiFi Safe?

By June 17, 2022June 21st, 2022No Comments

In today’s connected society, WiFi is crucial. Coffee shops, gas stations, and big-box businesses all provide free guest WiFi. It’s a service to your clients and sometimes important for guests giving presentations at your company. 

Should your organization deploy guest WiFi? Is it safe for your corporate network? 

Small and middle-market firms might benefit from a separate WiFi network for guests. Setting up a guest WiFi network requires a few crucial steps. 

  • Guest access protects your business network 
  • Guest WiFi Setup 
  • Guest WiFi firewalls, web filtering 
  • Wireless security 

Guest access protects your business network 

Providing clients and visitors WiFi access may seem straightforward, but it might have unanticipated repercussions if not configured properly.  

Giving everyone access leaves your firm exposed to hackers and data theft. 

Creating a separate Wi-Fi network prevents unauthorized access to your corporate network. 

To be secure, your guest Wi-Fi network must be separated from the main network. So, guests can’t access your company’s network. A separate guest network protects your corporate network and gives guests internet access. 

Only essential guest network access should be allowed. 

An access point can build a guest network. If your guests found your server, they couldn’t access it from this connection. 

Guest WiFi Setup 

Configuring is easy with the correct tools. 

You’ll need secure switches, access points, and firewalls.  

You can’t safeguard your guest Wi-Fi network without such equipment. 

Don’t let someone offer you a band-aid solution, any workaround is insecure. When you have the right network equipment, most customers may be set up effortlessly and securely. 

Most WiFi networks can generate guest networks without extra hardware. IT can enable this on your access point or router. Multiple hardware alternatives are available to support this purpose. Don’t risk hackers by skimping on IT security. 

Guest WiFi firewalls, web filtering.  

Guest WiFi web filtering should be as severe as your usual policy, if not more. Independent from your business’s network, yet it needs IT security. Web content filtering blocks sites with hazardous material or hacking allegations. 

Security requires content screening. It’s a distinct network connected to your company. Know which sites to ban. Non-work places need specific attention. Content filtering software automatically filters unlawful and malicious sites. We discuss standards and challenges with clients during setup. We don’t enforce any regulations beyond that. 

Your firewall blocks guest connection to the enterprise network. The firewall is used to block network access. If a guest user wants a business printer, the firewall can be set. 

Wireless Security 

Attention! Too much access compromises network security. Your IT provider can limit visitor access safely. When set correctly, guest WiFi allows guests to access to the internet without affecting your network. Business WiFi security lockdown rules are a highly recommended security technique. 

Wireless lockdowns to a known list of devices or users are becoming increasingly frequent. With enterprise-grade switches and access points, they can automatically route a device or user to the suitable network. Insurance firms and security compliance needs are enabling this feature. 

Whatever your motivation for offering guest WiFi, you must safeguard your company network with these procedures. Discuss constructing a secure guest WiFi network with your IT manager or managed IT services provider. 

When put up properly, WiFi isn’t a corporate vulnerability, with PCtronics it becomes an asset.