Who We Are

PCtronics – Managed IT Services

The Evolution of PCtronics

After a successful career in Austria, firstly working in finance and later assisting her family business become one of the leading IT consultants and Hewlett Packard distributers in Vienna, Manal Iskander returned to the United States in 1997 and founded PCtronics.

Manal surrounded herself with a small, but highly skilled team of engineers comprising MIT graduates and one of the very first engineers to obtain a formal Microsoft Certification – Manfred Schmutzer. Manfred, one of the founding members of PCtronics is now our C.T.O. providing technical oversight and leadership to all PCtronics technical systems and projects.

Partnering with a major accountancy software firm, the word quickly spread and PCtronics soon became the IT consultant of choice for a diverse portfolio of companies from a broad cross-section of different industries across Southern California.

In 2015, Manal recruited Nick Harney to head up PCtronics’ operations. Bringing 40 plus years experience serving primarily public sector clients, Nick focused initially on assisting PCtronics attain the necessary qualifications to serve the public sector and secured some major contracts with leading municipal entities. Through this period PCtronics added highly experienced, ex. military Cyber Security experts to its team which proved to be a timely addition to proactively head-off the steady increase in malware and ransomware attacks.

PCtronics is among the leading Managed IT Services

Manal Iskander with Frank Montes Cal State Chair for Hispanic Chamber

Manal Iskander with Frank Montes – Cal State Chair for Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Manal Iskander president of PCtronics with Los Angeles British Ambassador

Also, around 2015 PCtronics established a Social Media and Marketing team which brought a useful dimension to the Company. Amongst this team are some truly imaginative website designers that in conjunction with effective marketing can make sure your company is not ‘the best kept secret’ in its field!

PCtronics has enjoyed sustained growth over the past two decades and has gained a valuable advantage over many of its’ competitors with the unique ability to transfer knowledge from one industry sector to another. Supporting clients through a major downturn in the economy in the late 2000’s, PCtronics learned to resolve many of our client’s IT issues without the need for major capital expenditure, applying unique, ‘out of the box’ solutions to help our clients remain solvent during difficult times. This expertise will no doubt prove to be invaluable again over the next few years according to post-pandemic economical predictions.

PCtronics continually strives to be at the forefront of technology and has recently added Web3 and Blockchain technical experts to its’ team. We provide thought leadership on this subject to leading financial investment teams and as such are ready to hit the ground running in the brave new technological world.

PCtronics’ Core Values



Mutual trust between the Customer and PCtronics is imperative. We value that you trust us with the ultimate keys to your business infrastructure and as such, we make sure you have an up-to-date set of network documentation and passwords in your possession at all times. We do not tie our Customers into contracts as we place confidence in our ability to build long standing relationships which quickly results in mutual trust.

Customer quote: “PCtronics’ was not the first IT company we hired. We are now 12 years into the relationship and I cannot imagine a better IT partner for our business!”

  • Linda G, industrial coatings industry.

Futuristic Innovation

We invest a significant amount of time and effort into remaining at the forefront of our field so that our customers can benefit from the very latest in available technology and solutions.

Customer quote: “We were about to place a contract for several thousand dollars to provide internet connectivity to a remote warehouse. PCtronics implemented a point-to-point wireless system that has worked flawlessly at a fraction of the cost”

  • Heather C, warehousing industry.

Nick Harney and Manal Iskander at Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards

State of the City Address – Eloise Reyes, Mayor Davis, Terrance Stone, Dr. Margaret Hill, Manal Iskander, Nick Harney

Customer Obsession

Understanding our Customer’s needs is fundamental to our business. We strive to ’delight’ Customers with both the products we offer and the service you receive.

Customer quote: “PCtronics were relentless in finding a solution to suit our specific needs as both a wholesaler and a retailer”

  • Debbie K, sports clothing industry.

Technical Excellence

We strive to exceed Customer expectations at all levels. Through our wealth of expertise, we implement sustainable solutions, tailor-made for your specific business operations.

Customer quote: “ We were struggling to find a solution within our budget to enable us to continue operations utilizing our bespoke software while remaining secure from cyber attacks. PCtronics were quickly able to offer a cost-effective solution without any significant cost outlay”

  • Mitch B, commercial fabric manufacturing industry


Monitoring our Customer requests for support is a primary consideration and our response rate is second to none!

Customer quote: “I have worked in several fast-paced industries but I have never experienced such prompt responses to service requests like PCtronics.”

  • Lisa R , packaging industry.

Manal Iskander with Congressman Pete Aguilar
31st Congressional District

Our Customer Proposition

Put quite simply, we make sure that You can focus on your core business objectives without technology getting in the way.

We take responsibility for your IT systems, particularly making sure your systems and data are secure, efficient and importantly remain fully operational at all times. This includes everything IT related!