Defense and Aerospace Manufacturing

Managed IT for Defense and Aerospace Manufacturing

PCtronics is well versed in serving manufacturing companies across a diverse cross-section of industries. We are able to take learnings from one industry to another, for the ultimate betterment of each end user. We have built up a wealth of experience understanding production machinery, specific software and importantly interfaces with IT networks. Without this knowledge, integrating production machinery into an IT network can be time consuming and hence costly. With PCtronics, you don’t need to go through this learning curve as we’ve already done that for you.

A commonality of manufacturing firms is warehousing. Often, hand held devices are used for inventory management requiring ready internet access or access to local networks. At PCtronics we have cabled out several thousand square feet of warehousing installing wireless access points to create perfect WiFi coverage.

Manal Iskander with Michael Gallo, President of Kelly Space

Manal Iskander with Michael Gallo, President of Kelly Space

A PCtronics engineer installing a point-to-point antennae for a warehouse client

Point-to-Point WiFi connectivity – Some manufacturing companies have several warehouses or workshops that are not contiguous, rather situated in a number of separate buildings in a complex or industrial park. To avoid expensive underground cabling, PCtronics’ deploys point-to-point broadband communication utilizing hi-gain antenna systems, advanced radio architecture, and firmware technology allowing throughput, stability, and capacity performance to create perfect network connectivity between buildings.

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