Energy and Utilities Companies

Managed IT Solutions for Energy and Utilities Companies

In the energy and utilities sectors, technology is the key to streamlining operations and ensuring effective communications across the enterprise.
We deliver industry-leading data center and infrastructure solutions that provide secure access to applications and data and support a wide range of network-connected devices. High availability and data protection are key components of every solution.

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IT Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industry

The Internet of Things

An array of network-connected equipment provide monitoring, automation and real-time information for predictive analytics for energy and utilities organizations. PCtronics architects robust networks to support growing numbers of devices and ever-increasing volumes of data while protecting against cyber threats.

End-User Computing

Organizations in the energy and utilities sectors have a highly mobile workforce that needs secure access to applications and data. PCtronics can help these organizations leverage virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and mobility solutions to enable seamless application delivery with minimal management headaches. A robust data center environment built on converged infrastructure and flash storage delivers the performance and scalability needed to ensure a high-quality user experience.

Business Continuity

Energy and utilities organizations have mission-critical operations requiring high availability and advanced data protection. The PCtronics team includes disaster recovery and business continuity experts who can help organizations develop and document an effective DR plan. PCtronics can implement a secondary data center with data replication and failover, and help organizations take advantage of cloud-based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solutions to minimize capital investments and operational headaches.

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