Private Schools

Managed IT for Private Schools

PCtronics has provided managed IT services to a multitude of private schools. In order for an institution to be able to provide a fully functional learning environment, it needs fully functional technology. In this day and age where everything is paperless and environmentally friendly, students and teachers need laptops and tablets for their work and assignments. On top of that, the classrooms or study halls need to have reliable WiFi with bandwidth that can handle a multitude of people simultaneously. This is done so with business grade internet connection, wireless access points, and a router capable of the output. PCtronics has partnerships with many tech suppliers which can guarantee the lowest price for premium equipment.

Tech Equipment for Private Schools

PCtronics can also provide cabling that can bring wired ethernet ports conveniently next to staff or administrative workstations. We can also provide discounted TV screens, monitors, or projectors for academic use as well as professional sound systems for presentations.

With the right equipment, your private school will provide a thriving environment for students and staff alike. Let PCtronics be your managed IT service provider.

IT is just about to get easier!

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