Restaurant Industry

Managed IT for Restaurants

One of PCtronics’ first major clients was Lucille’s Barbeque, providing a solid benchmark for PCtronics to cut its teeth in the restaurant industry. Working alongside Lucille Barbeque, we were an instrumental partner in the roll-out of several locations both in and out of state.

We have developed a solid understanding of all mainstream POS systems and as such can assist restaurant owners and management set up their POS systems in an optimal way to suit their specific enterprise. Particularly post pandemic, on-line order has become standard practice for most restaurants. We regularly are asked to integrate on line ordering systems with the in-house POS system.

Manal Iskander with Kevin Hourican, president of Sysco Foods, and Robert Irvine

Manal Iskander with Kevin Hourican, president of Sysco Foods, and Robert Irvine

Manal and Robert Irvine

Manal Iskander with Robert Irvine

Our experience in VOIP technology has also benefitted larger establishments with multiple location booking platforms. We are currently rolling out telephone systems with applications enabling remote access via smartphones to enable restaurant owners and staff to access the main system remotely when desired.

Many IT consultants consider their remit to exclude the management of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). At PCtronics, we understand the devastation that can be caused to a restaurant’s operation should the internet go down as most current day systems are heavily internet dependent. We always establish an internet ‘fail-over’ provision in the event of internet outage. This can be either to a cellular system or another ISP depending upon location. This enables continuity in operation should the main ISP fail for whatever reason.

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