Data Protection and Network Security

Multi-Factor Authentication

Remoting into office or work PCs is generally convenient or often necessary, but it’s crucial to add additional protection with 2FA
(Two-Factor Authentication)


Multi-Factor Authentication is a security measure that adds an extra step in order to remote in or log in to a system or an account.

Generally this takes the form of a verification email or text sent to a trusted or secure email.

EXAMPLE: You want to remote in to your work PC from home. When you input your login credentials, you receive an email confirming that there was a login attempt with a link that, when clicked, allows you to finally remote in.

Hackers would not be able to get past this security measure unless they have access to the email or phone to which the 2FA sent the verification.

It is CRUCIAL to have a trained IT professional assist with this set up process to ensure that it is done correctly.

Data Protection and Cyber Security

Data Protection is one of the most important aspects of making your presence in the online world. Every day, hackers get a little bit smarter and a little bit more creative in their techniques to break into the digital property of other individuals.

With PCtronics, you can rest assured knowing that all of your data will be secure with the highest caliber of online protection with quick and effective responses to preventative maintenance. Your data and information will be backed up frequently to ensure that NONE of your digital property is ever at risk of being tampered with by any outside force.


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