Web3 Governance Platforms

Governance is an essential component of any Web3 project

Smart contracts and tokens distribute power amongst token holders. This is called governance. Web3 makes governance possible because anyone holding a governance token will receive the right to vote on propositions and to participate in decisions regarding protocols.

Most governance protocols are organized in the form of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The general concept of such an organization is to allow a virtual entity that has a certain set of members or shareholders to have the right to spend the entities funds and modify its codes (protocols).

Broadly speaking, DAOs or Web3 governance platforms are governance structures. They are structured like a private limited company or a co-op, but unlike these traditional structures, the decisions are coordinated and enforced on a blockchain.

How can businesses benefit from Web3?

As businesses and people we have become reliant on the internet for almost everything. As technology evolves it also upgrades! Web3 is all about the next evolution of the Internet and designed for businesses and people to get more out of their websites than ever before.

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