Media Blueprint

Professional NFC Business Card

A card made for YOU

Want your logo or name printed on the front of the card? No problem! Our Digital Blueprint NFC cards are fully customizable.

NFC Technology

Sick of business cards being lost in the trash? Represent your professional footprint with a card that connects to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, your services, and anything else! Never buy traditional paper business cards again. With our customizable NFC card, you can share your contact information with a tap!

All of your social links in one place!

Are you a social butterfly? Find yourself constantly giving handle? Constantly having to spell it out to people and hoping they type it in correctly? Let us be your social voice. Connect your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and any other social media accounts to your Media Blueprint!

For Musicians Too!

Are you a musician or an artist? Carry your portfolio, your music, and always have easy access to sharing your work and creativity with a tap! Have links to your SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, or any other platform on which your music can be enjoyed!

No App Required

Since Digital Blueprints are viewed directly through a web browser, they are compatible with all smartphones.

Easy to Use

Simply tap the Digital Blueprint card onto a friend’s or colleague’s phone to instantly share your contact information. Is their phone not NFC compatible? No problem! The back has a QR code that will link to the same place!