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The Consequences of Ignoring IT Management

By March 13, 2017General IT

All too often, businesses and companies create a plan for their year – where they want to be and how they want to achieve their goals, only to have their plans completely derailed because of a technical difficulty that could have been prevented or fixed quickly. It isn’t the marketing team, it isn’t the sales department, the employees are doing everything correctly but you come to work one day and for some reason – you can’t log into your computer or your phones don’t work. Why? What causes these inconvenient outages?

Computers. You can’t live with them but you definitely can’t live without them. More specifically, IT Management. More often than not, companies can completely turn upside down due to a tiny error in their IT that could have either been fixed or prevented had they hired a dedicated and professional IT firm. When it’s working correctly, you don’t even know it’s there. When it’s working, it’s business as usual and your daily work life runs smoothly. Just as we take for granted freeways, roads and streets, the infrastructure of a well-running business is crucial to its every day success.

Having a dedicated IT management firm handling your infrastructure could be the difference between the holiday season running smoothly and having to endure hundreds of phone calls and complaints from upset customers because they’re not getting their order fulfilled due to a technical difficulty on your end which could have been prevented. Ten years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to have one or two in-house IT guys who would help take a virus of a computer or unjam a printer at a moment’s notice, but times have changed. More technology, software and equipment is developed every passing day and it’s growing harder for one person to know everything about IT. Additionally, response time is equally important because if something does go wrong, it needs to be addressed in a timely manner, i.e. immediately. Let’s be honest.

This is why here at PCtronics, we have the highest qualified IT management and network engineers certified at the highest level of proficiency. With the click of a button, one of our engineers can be on site or be able to remote into your computer, laptop, desktop or server, diagnose and fix an issue before it crumbles the foundation of your business. Preventative maintenance and skilled assessment and action is key to making sure all of your infrastructure is functioning properly, making the highest effort and priority to prevent a crash.